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Deepit Technology

A blockchain is a set of protocols, algorithms and software making it possible to store information – in the broadest sense – in a de-centralised, unalterable, secure and transparent way.

The creation of a cryptocurrency and the management of its transfers from one subject to another is one of the possibilities arising from the blockchain technology, although not the only one. With this same concept, i.e. the possibility of maintaining an unassailable registry on which to write information, it can be used in a wide range of sectors.

We also provide Smart Contract auditing services based on the Ethereum Mainet . The activities of the code with which you interact, of your property or third-party, should be checked and verified by experts to document the vulnerabilities or practices that are not appropriate.


Fields of application

  1. Shipping to track merchandise movements
  2. Logistics to know exactly where goods, machinery and products are located
  3. Health to keep track of patients’ data, what treatment has been carried out, what drugs have been used
  4. Insurances to manage policies, claims and indemnities
  5. Security for the protection of sensitive data
  6. Storage of personal identities, real estate, registered movable assets
  7. Manufacturing and Trade for complete traceability of the supply chain

Thanks to the experience of our staff of engineers and developers, we can meet the needs of companies that want to introduce blockchain technology in their production system, evaluating their goals, offering solutions and creating the tools and applications that were agreed.



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Different skills combined with a deep knowledge of the sector where Deepit operates.

An encounter made possible by the common attention to new technologies and the will to support and develop the new paradigm started thanks to the blockchain.

Paolo Rebuffo
Chief Technical Officer  
Andrea Rossi
Chief Operation Officer
Mauro Baeli
Chief Executive Officer
Lorenzo Dalvit
Michelangelo Riccobene
Blockchain & App Engineer
Ettore Dore
Commercial Manager
Nikola Popovic
Communication Manager
work with us

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