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Public presentation: “DEECERT Protocol in EVIDANCE”

30 September 2019

The official presentation of the DEECERT protocol will be held on October 2nd in Zug (Switzerland) @CryptoValley Labs.

We have worked with commitment and perseverance over the past 18 months and accompanied clients like Teseo on the blockchain side in perfecting their main product: Kibi. We have also developed the publishing platform to expand our projects on the Academy front.

Our commitment to technological breakthroughs have led the team to develop an important conviction::

The blockchain will radically change the data-value exchange models and the registration and certification systems in the next decade, but it needs a great effort to be understood in its potential and become accessible with simplicity and security.

DEECERT was born:

The goal and vocation of the company was immediately clear: "let's make it easy and safe". DEECERT, our certification protocol was born immediately. 

We’ve chosen Ethereum as the base layer on which to shape our products because it represents the most developed project and the most active ecosystem in the entire sector. With more than 350,000 Developers and a huge number of contributions to the code, what is called the largest distributed computer in the world has become our home.

The DEECERT protocol is useful for making the most out of the potential of Ethereum erc-721 tokens in order to make the certification of any event on blockchain "easy and safe". The union of using excellent partnerships, such as those with the Universal Login and POA Network  team, ease of access and usability have become the obsession of this project.

EVIDANCE was born:

If the DEECERT protocol is one of our hidden gems, EVIDANCE is our show-case:

The need to communicate the use cases and the business models that can take advantage of this protocol is fundamental.

EVIDANCE allows you to see first-hand the potential of the blockchain linked to certification and the creation of unique and exchangeable tokens. The show case allows us to connect to the Ethereum network without entry barriers, finally resolving long-standing problems related to the ownership of private and public cryptographic keys, thus finally making the user experience easy and safe.

- Linking a document, project file, video or audio to the ethereum blockchain creating an immutable copy is now possible and easy.

- Recording an event, timely marking it and creating a transferable digital certificate has become child's play.

This is just a taste of what we will be presenting at Zug in Switzerland:

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Different skills combined with a deep knowledge of the sector where Deepit operates.

An encounter made possible by the common attention to new technologies and the will to support and develop the new paradigm started thanks to the blockchain.

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Chief Technical Officer  
Andrea Rossi
Strategic consultant
Mauro Baeli
Chief Executive Officer
Lorenzo Dalvit
Chief Operation Officer
Michelangelo Riccobene
Blockchain & App Engineer
Ettore Dore
Academy Director
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Communication Manager
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Milan Janosevic
Strategic Business Developer
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